Stay Healthy – Eat Gluten Free

Welcome to Gluten Free Jordan, the website for anyone following the gluten free diet. Everyone including coeliacs should eat delicious healthy food. As well as selling home cooked food the site offers advice on:

  • Understanding the Gluten Free Diet
  • Where to find Gluten Free foods in Jordan
  • Help on how to order in restaurants (including arabic print outs to give to staff)
  • Recipes and advice on making gluten free versions of family favourites

I'm Kate a coeliac and self taught baker. When I started eating gluten free I thought I'd never have a good meal again but eating gluten free doesn't mean depriving yourself. Gluten free food can be delicious it just takes a little planning and know how. What's more if you're gluten intolerant sticking to the diet will make you feel fantastic.

I'm very proud of all the food we sell which is made in my own kitchen. I understand the dangers of contamination to coeliacs and all my equipment is clean - there is no gluten in my kitchen. A gluten free diet is healthy as it generally means an end to processed food. If you are gluten intolerant you will feel almost immediately better when you stick to the diet. I only use certified gluten free flours and make everything from scratch.